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Learn about Symantec Workflow

Created: 25 Mar 2010 • Updated: 31 Mar 2010 | 9 comments
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Symantec Workflow is an amazing product that can handle most any IT process.  This article points you in the right direction if you are just starting or need to learn about some features and functions that you may not have known about.  Start with the training videos and work your way through all the different areas of Workflow.  Enjoy!

Workflow Training

ServiceDesk 7




Workflow 7 Documentation


Process Development Walk-Throughs

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I am trying to display two sets of data in the same web form. I am using two data grids, one contains items and the other one contains details about the Item (Exp: Order, order details). I am using a stored procedure to get the first set of data (All Items) from a table, then another stored procedure to get the details. I want the details displayed dynamically when I select a row in the Item grid.

Any advise?

Thank you

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The link for the Workflow Component Developers Guide seems to be dead do you have an updated link?

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I belive you'll find the document you're looking for here.

Good Luck!

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that link gave me no joy.

I'm looking for documentation on webservices or other APIs of the Workflow and the Service Desk.

Any help is appreciated

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It seems that the WorkflowSwat site is now dead and redirecting to another irrelevant site. Can the correct URL please be supplied?

Kindest regards,


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To my understanding everything was supposed to be moved from WorkflowSwat to Connect.  I have found a lot of the videos didn't make it so I'm sure there is other stuff that didn't as well.

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Please help me to integrate the work flow in SEP which make my SEP automate. Its very urgent.

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Please help me with the steps that i can Automate my SEP. That its can easily Closed the vulerable port.

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I'd look into the ASDK Tasks interface on the SEP and see if theres a C'ose Port type of task you can generate against.

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