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Let's Collaborate on Intel® vPro™ Processor Technology

Created: 14 Apr 2007 • Updated: 03 May 2007 | 4 comments
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At the ManageFusion '07 event in Las Vegas, I co-presented in the course on how to deploy Intel® vPro™ processor technology using Altiris Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) solution. In following with the "does it blend" theme, the creative juices started flowing regarding a wealth of knowledge and experience that I have in my possession -- and which could (and should) be shared with as many contacts as possible.

  • Access to or creation of publicly consumable information regarding Intel® vPro™ processor technology
  • Hands-on experience with setting up Intel® vPro™ processor technology with Altiris based solutions
  • Experiences with key customers that are adopting and deploying the joint Intel and Altiris solutions today
  • Altiris Juice just launched the section

These and other points led to what I viewed were the next logical steps -- a community forum for knowledge sharing and helping as many as possible to accelerate their ramp and adoption.

Since I do have a full time job -- and a supportive manager who ensures that his workforce is producing and not "playing" -- I intend to make a best effort here. With that - I am requesting the communities’ assistance and input. Below is a list of topics and suggestions on future articles or tips that I felt would be helpful. Please provide feedback and comments (I’m assuming such is possible within Altiris Juice -- since I’m new to the community, still navigating my way).

As might be expected -- all information posted is public domain. Thus I am not able to discuss future plans within Intel, customer environment specifics, address product requests, or other items that would violate privacy, confidentiality, etc. Lawyers on all sides (Intel, Altiris, customer, industry, etc) have enough to do besides monitor this site. Opinions or suggestions are mine alone -- and you will note a common disclaimer or statement that will appear in subsequent articles and postings.

With that -- here are my suggestions and ideas for future articles, discussions, tips, etc. Please provide feedback, recommendations, and requests. For topics that become relatively frequent -- we (Intel and Altiris) may use them for future ManageFusion courses.

Future articles and topic suggestions -- what "blend" sounds good to you?

  • Deployment quick-start guide -- A short script of how to setup and utilize Altiris Out-of-Band management with Intel® vPro™ processor technology.
  • Enterprise Integration overview -- What are the main focuses for a successful implementation?
  • Provisioning Insights -- More detail on what actually happens from time provisioning keys are created to when a system is provisioned. If Intel® Active Management Technology provisioning is new -- perhaps a brief summary on what it is and why it is important
  • Introduction to the OOBM Provisioning interface -- After the quick-start guide, this article would focus more on the purpose and intent of the sections. I may need to reach out to contacts at Altiris to ensure absolute correctness -- yet will note that much of the provisioning interface concepts actually came from Intel.
  • Setting up TLS mode -- Transport Layer Security (TLS) can be used when managing clients. Understand how to setup within Altiris Out-of-Band management, including support for standalone or enterprise PKI\CA environments.
  • Best practices and learnings -- This topic is broad, thus the community needs to specify a focus point.

I have provided six topic ideas -- and I am very interested if the community will be requesting additional topics. I will do my best to share public domain information while balancing responsibilities -- family, employer, personal, etc. Some of the content already exists, yet will require some re-work to ensure safe for public distribution.

Finally -- as a wrap up on this article I want each of you to know that this solution (Intel® vPro™ processor technology combined with Altiris Out-of-Band Management) works. Since we are venturing into a new area of remotely managing clients out-of-band (an approach that is very familiar in server management) an open and willing mind is recommended. The solutions are based on open industry standards -- and again, they work. The first time I managed a client that was 2 states away, crossing at least 9 routers (WAN and LAN), using Transport Layer Security (TLS), and getting instantaneous response -- I almost felt omnipotent. I hope you experience the same -- and respect the power that is being placed in your hands.

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jjesse's picture

While I currently don't have time to learn OOBM, I am interested in the topic ideas you have posted and will look forward to many more articles.

Jonathan Jesse

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Terry Cutler's picture

Appreciate the feedback. Subsequent articles will be focused on implementing and integrating Intel® vPro™ processor technology into the environment. Altiris RTSM, OOBM, and Manageability Toolkit for Intel® vPro™ all include support for the existing usage models. Would it help to provide more background on what Altiris products support which features? A short review on the use models for discover, heal, and protect (8 usage models total)? Let me know.

BTW: The next article should post shortly.

The opinions expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or strategies of Intel Corporation or its worldwide subsidiaries

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sfaucher's picture

I attended your sessions at ManageFusion and got a lot out of them. I am glad to see you follow up on and provide this valuable information to the entire community. One article topic I would find very valuable would be a "troubleshooting errors" type document. There seems to be very little information on this out there, either on the Intel side or the Altiris side. What little I've found is scattered about various forums in the form of answers from techs to specific questions from end-users.

Shawn Faucher | Senior Technology Analyst

Armstrong Teasdale LLP

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Terry Cutler's picture

Great suggestion. I'm planning to first provide some foundation and understanding. This will provide a starting point to help isolate items when troubleshooting.

The opinions expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or strategies of Intel Corporation or its worldwide subsidiaries

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