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Managing UNIX/Linux in a Windows World

Created: 16 Jan 2006 • Updated: 07 Jul 2009
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Patrick Bourke
Rich Lacey
Todd Mitchell

Altiris can dramatically improve your IT organization's ability to "do more with less," especially within heterogeneous environments. For Windows-centric organizations, Altiris solutions not only help to more efficiently manage the systems you have, they can also position you to simply and easily begin building out a Linux strategy.

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Given the volume of recent Linux announcements from major corporations, it's clear that Linux continues to gain significant ground in the market. And while more and more large corporate IT organizations are implementing Linux, the small-to-medium business (SMB) market is faced with an interesting dilemma. While they'd like to leverage the value, they don't want the expense and added operational burden of another operating system. Sound familiar?

Regardless of vendor flavor, Linux is no longer the software alternative simply because of its low price advantages. The economic benefits of reduced or absent licensing fees are obvious, but for many organizations, the value goes beyond that to leverage Linux as a driver for rapid growth, an effective solution for addressing seasonal fluctuations or even a core component for solving strategic needs. Furthermore, as decision makers continue to feel increasing pressure to justify IT investments with special considerations for security, flexibility and overall cost, Linux is becoming easier and easier to justify.

For smaller companies, the stats say it all: Linux is now used by about 24 percent of companies with 100 to 249 employees worldwide (IT Management Guide: Linux for the SMB, July 2005, The numbers are quite significant for midsize companies as well.

Linux is not, of course, an all-or-nothing strategy. Many customers opt for a gradual migration approach that allows them to begin slipstreaming Linux into current operations while simultaneously improving efficiencies across their existing infrastructure–including Windows and UNIX systems.

Altiris provides many benefits to those companies looking to better manage the Windows and UNIX systems they have while expanding their Linux footprint. The single Altiris Console abstracts administrators away from many of the low level differences in how administrators have traditionally interfaced with Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems. This benefit allows Altiris administrators to quickly become effective at managing diverse environments on both small and large scales.

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