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More Information concerning PGP

Created: 22 Feb 2011 • Updated: 02 Mar 2011
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More Information concerning PGP

Symantec announced its completed acquisition of PGP and Guardian Edge on April 29, 2010.

PGP Product List :

- PGP Desktop Home

- PGP Desktop Email from Symantec

- PGP Netshare from Symantec

- PGP Support package for Blackberry from Symantec

- PGP Universal Server from Symantec

- PGP Command Line from Symantec

- PGP Key Management Server from Symantec

- PGP Portable from Symantec

- PGP Universal Gateway Email from Symantec

- PGP Whole Disk Encryption from Symantec

Activation Type

* License File

- PGP Endpoint Application Control

- PGP Mobile

- PGP Endpoint Device Control

* No Activation

-PGP PDF Messenger

- PGP Universal Gateway Email

- Blackberry

* License Key

- PGP Universal Server

- PGP Desktop Home

- PGP Whole Disk Encryption

- PGP Netshare

- PGP Command Line

- PGP Desktop Email

* License key and License File

- Intel Anti Theft

PGP Support Types

Below are the support coverage for each Support Types;

Upgrade Assurance ( previously Bronze)

- access to updates and upgrades

- self service support

- access to Symantec Knowledge Base


- six technical contacts

-24/7 Phone Based Support

- Free Upgrades

Basic Lite

- Unlimited Calls during regional business hours

- 2 contacts per product title

- no free upgrades or updates and must contact the Service Provider

Essential Lite

- 24/7 calls

- six technical contact per product title

- no free upgrades or updates and must contact the Service Provider

Additional Named Callers

- contact Global Representative

* To register the license, PGP user go to their LEMS account and at the time that it was acquired by Symantec, users are directed to the License Portal (

Everyone with an existing LEMS account was automatically assigned of a License portal and the registered licenses are being transferred as well.

Users can obtain the software by clicking on Get Software or using the fileconnect site: which requires the serial number to proceed with the file selection

To view, share, register new purchase and upgrades:

Some PGP products (trialware) are already available in or you can call Sales Team at 1-800-745-6054 option 3 for purchasing inquiry.