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Move Clients From One Ghost Console to the Next

Created: 26 Nov 2012 • Updated: 26 Nov 2012
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An amount of clients need to be moved to a new Ghost Solution Suite Server (GSS). The article TECH107070 shows some options how the pubkey.crt file could be copied to these clients to perform this move.

In case the GSS Server which gets replaced by new hardware is still available a further option could be used to move these clients.

Preparation Step 1:

Copy the attached batch file “pubkey.bat” to the old GSS.

In this example this batch file get located under: C:\GhostFiles

This batch file will stop the running Ghost Agent on the target machine and replace the pubkey.crt file.

Copy the pubkey.crt file from the new GSS to the same folder on the old GSS where you have stored the batch file.

Preparation Step2:

Create a task on the old GSS. Under the tab General select Software and File Action.

Select the tab Software and File Action.

Press the Add button. Select Transfer Files and Folders and press Next.

Use the Add Files button to select the new pubkey.crt file. (In this example stored under C:\GhostFiles ).

Select Transfer to the Target Operating System.

Specify the Destination for the file using the Edit button. (In this example C:\)

Press Finish

Create a second Transfer Files and Folders action for the batch file “pubkey.bat”.

  (Use the same settings as before for the pubkey.crt file.)

Create a third action by pressing the Add again.

Select Execute a Command and press Next

Enter the following command:   C:\pubkey.bat

Select Execute command in Target Operating System

Press Finish

Now there are three actions listed which should be in this order (from the top to the bottom)

Copy new pubkey

Copy batch file

Execute command.

Press the Save button. (In the General tab the Target Machines Group/Machine need to be specified)

Executing this task will copy over needed files to the target machine. The Ghost Agent will be stopped and after the file replacement started again.

The target machine will appear in the console of the new GSS then.

This procedure will not remove the client entry from the old GSS!
But without the correct pubkey.crt this Ghost Agent will not report to this old GSS anymore.