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My SMP 7.1 Beta Install - PXE

Created: 23 Feb 2011 | 2 comments
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1.       Overview

This document was written by me as a supplement to the Symantec provided instructions for the installation of the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) 7.1 beta.   This document will focus on the configuration of a PXE Site server. 

While every environment varies, I tried to ensure that the contents of this document are as universal as possible.  As such, they take into account the defaults set at installation time.  If you change settings, such as the default database name during your SMP install, then you would need to ensure that you take that into account while reading through this document.

If you are like me, and a few of the others that I have seen in the forums, then this document, with a bit of luck, help you out by pointing out some specifics that I did not see documented elsewhere.  This document contains steps to be taken to ensure your environment is correctly configured assuming that you have already installed the OS, the software, and the database.

Since every Microsoft Windows imaged used and every SQL installation may be slightly different, some of the items here may not be applicable to you. I will not get into how an environment should be built, but focus on what the steps and pre-requisites I found I needed to get PXE services working in my SMP 7.1 beta environment.   With every environment being different, you may find that some, or even most of this document may not be applicable to you.  My hope is that this will help someone out there.

2.     Build a Site Server

2.1.Ensure .net 2.0 or greater is installed on your site server.

2.2.I disabled Windows firewall on my site server.  I would not do this unless you have tried everything else and receive approval from your respective security department. 

2.3.I disabled IE ESC on my site server. I would not do this unless you have tried everything else and receive approval from your respective security department. 

2.4.I installed IIS.

2.5.Ensure there is a Symantec Management agent installed on your site server.

2.6.Reboot your Site server before beginning to configure it to be a PXE server.

2.7.ONLY THEN should you add the server as a Site Server by navigating the menu to Settings->Notification Server->Site Server Settings, then click on ‘Site Servers’ in the left column.

2.8.Then click ‘New’ in the lower right hand pane and choose to add that server.

2.9.Then choose to add the appropriate services. 

2.10.After those services have been added and verified, reboot the Site Server.

3.     PXE Server

3.1.In order to create a PXE server, it must be a Site Server first as you will simply be adding PXE functionality to the Site Server. See above.

3.2.You need to install the deployment Site Server Components on that site server for it to serve as a PXE server.  You must first START the following services on the NS in this recommended order before proceeding:





3.3.Wait 5 minutes.

3.4.Then navigate to Settings | Agents\Plug-ins->All Agents/Plug-ins

3.5.Expand Settings|Agents/Plug-ins|Deployment and Migration|Windows(x86 or x64)

3.6.Click on the Deployment Site Server Components – Install policy

3.7.Add or check to see if the site server is in there and then enable that policy in order to get the DS services installed on the site server for it to be a PXE server.

3.8.  Once the SIte server receives and processes the policy, it will install the necessary components and be promoted to a valid PXE server.

Important Note: PXE helper file or other solution needs to be addressed BEFORE setting up a PXE server in an environment in order to avoid havoc in your environment.

4.     References

4.1.Feel free to reference my other articles regarding the configuration of my NS and my SQL server for this Beta.

I would also like to give credit to a few other articles that helped me along:

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I just needed this information. Thanks for sharing ziggy!


Hugo Nieva - NS Admin in Argentina

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Thank you for this excellent tutorial! Much appreciated.

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