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Preview of KVM Remote Control within Symantec Real-Time System Manager

Created: 23 Apr 2010 | 1 comment
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If you've used remote desktop type solutions like pcAnywhere, VNC, Microsoft RDP, and so forth - you've likely experienced situations where the solutions don't work. I like to refer to these as re-entry from space situations.... during that brief moment when communications go dark or are very limited. All you may have is constant ping to the remote client - hoping that it will come back into communication.

What is needed is an out-of-band remote desktop solution... like an IP-KVM. For those who have worked in datacenters, you've likely seen and experienced this. The ability to remotely control and interact with a system regardless of the host operating system state.

Take a look at the images below - these are scenarios when you might want to view\interact with the remote PC

The above screenshots were taken via KVM Remote Control within the 2010 Intel Core vPro platform. Yes that's right - the latest version of the platform includes IP-KVM functionality

The short answer on how this was done is that a RealVNC server resides within the client platform. You will need systems supporting Intel Core i5 vPro or Core i7 vPro, with Intel integrated graphics. A list of supporting OEMs\models is forthcoming - since not every Core i5 vPro system will support. There are situation where switchable or discrete graphics might impact.

Communications can occur via the VNC TCP port 5900, but this might conflict with a RealVNC server agent running in the operating system. The preferred approach would be redirection via the Intel AMT ports (16992-16995).

Last week at Symantec Vision in Las Vegas, we demonstrated a preview of this working within the Real-Time System Manager. Take a look at the YouTube video posted at

If unable to access that video - here are two screenshots

With the RealVNC server in the hardware platform, a number of new capabilities arise for remote remediation without physically touching the client.

The target release for software support by Symantec is June\July timeframe. You may see this on Dell Management Console for Clients before the main release... only schedules will tell.

If you simply can't wait, or just need an interim answer - take a look at RealVNC Viewer Plus - You can use the 90-day trial if needed.

In fact - that's what I did before the Symantec Vision event for a quick demonstration.

In the picture below - I had a caption when sharing with a few associates.

"My remote client has blue- screened. However - with Intel Core vPro Technology supporting KVM remote control - I have a solution for that wink"

The opinions expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or strategies of Intel Corporation or its worldwide subsidiaries

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If you're looking to try or buy vPro units with KVM remote control, here's a summary of the ingredients to watch for.

  • Must have Intel Integrated graphics (sometimes listed as Intel HD)
  • Must have Intel Active Management Technology v6
  • Must be labeled\branded st Intel vPro Technology

Another way to look at it - check the processor number

Desktop: Core vPro i5-[650/660/670]
Mobile: Core vPro i5-[520M/520UM/540M]  or Core vPro i7-[620M/620LM/620UM/640LM/640UM]

Other hints and suggestions will be made as they come forward.   With all the builds\options with systems being offered by OEMs - relying on just model numbers isn't always sufficient.  

The opinions expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or strategies of Intel Corporation or its worldwide subsidiaries

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