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Protecting the Crown Jewels - Using DLP to Safeguard Intellectual Property

Created: 03 Mar 2009 • Updated: 27 May 2009
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Intellectual Property is the unique creation of an organization, an asset which can set a company apart from the competition and serve as a key differentiator. No matter the industry, every organization has some kind of Intellectual Property (IP). Whether it is product designs, trading models or source code, IP must be protected to maintain competitive advantage. Protecting IP can be challenging and with non-malicious employee behavior causing more data breaches, companies need to take action to protect their IP from loss, whether inadvertent or malicious.

Organizations need to know where their IP is, where it is going, who is responsible for the data, and how to prevent its loss. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions enable organizations to identify where their IP lives and automatically protect it from wrongful exposure, wherever it is stored or used. To read the entire article, please download the PDF.