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Created: 09 Nov 2012 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 1 comment
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In a lot of cases, videos are the best way to share information. In this article, I will give you some of my tips for creating simple videos.

Free recording software for Windows:

Free recording software for Mac:

General tips:

  • Record, edit, and export your video at 1024 x 768.
  • Audio and video should be recorded at an educational pace. Remember that viewers will be watching the video for the first time and require additional time to digest the information.
  • If possible, do not record your audio with your built-in computer mic. A USB mic is optimal, but a headset or ear buds with a microphone will work.
  • The optimal video length is 3-5 minutes. If you have a long process to record, split the video up into 2 or 3 steps/videos.
  • Before you record your video, clean up your computer desktop. Remove unwanted files and change your background to something neutral.
  • Before you record your video, turn off instant messengers, email, or other applications that could create pop-up windows during your recording unless these pop-up windows are part of the demonstration.
  • If you are recording a Web application or will be using the Internet in your video, clean up your Web browser. Remove any bookmarks on your bookmarks toolbar and uncheck your favorites list. If you are using Firefox and have a persona, set Firefox back to its default look. Close any tabs you are not using during the recording, and make sure you don’t have any text entered in any search boxes (for example, in Google or Find Text).
  • Don’t play with the mouse unnecessarily while recording, and try to use smooth movements as you move around the UI. It helps if you take your hand off the mouse when you are not moving between menu items. Practice your mouse movements before recording the video to avoid triggering highlights, pop-ups, and other effects.
  • Below is an easy canned intro you can use. I recommend that you have a slide with an outline or even typed in a Word doc on the screen while you go over this.
    "Welcome to the <how to, overview, or introduction> video on <video subject>. In this video, we will talk about <short description of video content>."
    "Welcome to the <how to, overview, or introduction> video on <video subject>. Some of the items we will cover in this video include <short description of video content>."
  • Below is an easy canned conclusion you can use.
    "This concludes the <how to, overview, or introduction> video on <video subject>."

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All very good tips’!

The only thing I can add is if you are trying to show something do not just say click here , but instead use the name of your button

Some of us may know this as narrated or audio description!


If for example you want to make a video of your BIOS, PE or Ghost recovery.

You can use a hardware device to record this environment, Video Caption devices’ are available with internal PCS or USB!


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