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What's New in Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.2

Created: 27 Aug 2009 | 3 comments
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Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.2 has been released to support Deployment Solution 6.9 SP3! This article will give a brief summary of what has been improved since version 3.1 SP2. These new features will make you're deployment experiences faster more dependable and worry-free.

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These demo videos originally recorded for 3.1 SP1 are still available, and will mostly apply to 3.2:

  • Install Demo (9:19) - An outline of how to install, and how the Deployment Solution for Dell Servers add-on enhances Deployment Solution.
  • Dell Update Package Demo (4:52) - Shows how to download and apply DUPs in a pre-production environment.
  • Hardware Configuration (5:42) - Shows how to configure the BIOS/BMC/DRAC and RAID hardware on Dell Servers.
  • Job Builder (4:05) - Shows how the Job Builder can help you painlessly create custom jobs for configuring and deploying systems.
  • OS Deployment (2:41) - Shows how OS Configurations are managed, and how to use the Job Builder to create jobs that deploy operating systems.
  • Rule-based RAID (6:54) - Shows how to create RAID configuration rules to configure your RAID controllers.

These videos can be viewed by following the link: Deployment Solution for Dell Servers Demo Videos

Important: Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.2 is only supported on Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 6.9 SP3.

Table of Contents:

Section I: Dell OpenManage Toolkit version 3.1

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers utilizes the Dell OpenManage Toolkit to configure Dell hardware and expanded support of the toolkit reflects to more options for IT Administrators using Deployment Solution for Dell Servers. Version 3.1 supports the following Dell systems:

PowerEdge 4600, 6600, 6650, 1600, 0650, 1750, 0750, 0700, 1650, 2650, 2600, 1655, 1850, 2850, 2800, 6800, 6850, 1800, 0800, SC0420, 1855, SC1425, SC0430, 0850, 0830, 2900, 2950, 1950, SC0440, SC1435, 1955, 1900, 0860, 0840, 6950, 2970, R900, M600, T605, M605, R805, R710, R610, T610, R200, M805, 710es, R610es, M905, M610, M710, R300, R905, T300, T410, T710

PowerVault 100, 500, 600

Note: Support for the PowerEdge models: R300, R905, T300, T410, T710 are new to this DTK release.

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers also maintains support for the following mass storage controllers:

PERC 4e/DC, PERC 4e/Di, PERC 4e/Si
PERC 5/E Adapter, PERC 5/I Integrated, PERC 5/i Adapter
CERC SATA 1.5/6-Channel (CH), CERC SATA 1.5/2S, and PERC 3/Di (Linux preboot only),
SAS 5iR Integrated, SAS 5iR Adapter
SAS 6iR Integrated, SAS 6iR Adapter
PERC 6/E Adapter, PERC 6/i Integrated, PERC 6/i Adapter

In addition, support has been added for the following controllers:

PERC 6/i Integrated for modular systems

Support is also enhanced for the latest features available in BIOS and BMC/DRAC hardware.

Section II: Lifecycle Management Controller

News sample jobs have been added to interact with Dell servers equipped with Lifecycle Management controllers. These jobs will contact the system through the iDRAC interface and cause a virtual flash drive to be made available to the system containing driver packs. This helps ensure that drivers are always available when needed regardless of network connectivity.

To explore these jobs navigate to Deployment Solution for Dell Servers v3.2 WinPE->Dell Samples->Lifecycle Controller and read the comments in the script before running.

Section III: Enhanced reliability

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.2 benefits from hundreds of more hours of testing and refinement. Bugs have been fixed, drivers updated, feedback messages have been improved and processes have been enhanced.

In short, Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.2 produces more robust and resilient jobs, making this the most reliable, and fastest way to deploy and maintain your Dell Servers.

Section IV: Fusion of Linux preboots

In previous versions of DS for Dell two Linux preboots were used:

Dell Linux - For all configuration, imaging and deployment actions for Dell systems except the updating of firmware.

Dell DUP Linux - For the upgrading of Dell firmware using Dell Update Packages (DUPS) only.

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.2 contains a new single Dell preboot based off of Dell DUP Linux and is used for configuration, deployment and the execution of Dell Update Packages. This makes deployments faster and more reliable since fewer reboots need to occur, and better hardware support can be provided. In addition this preboot has a local copy of the DTK pre-configured for use via command line making the development of custom scripts leveraging the DTK much easier.

Get Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.2 today:

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We have a big problem with PE2950 and Perc 5/i. The setup hangs in textmode and could not find the harddrive. It has the right drivers (or it seems like it anyway) i the OSSRC\$OEM$\TEXTMODE.


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What OS are you installing and what preboot are you using?  If you crank up the job log level up to 4 and post a log, I might be able to help you because it documents what mass storage controller was found and what mass storage driver it applied.

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TeleFragger's picture

I am able to use this version for all of our servers... mainly the R610 and R710's...

anyone know if they are going to come out with a dell server version for DS 6.9 SP4?

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