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Recovery Solution Database Schema

Created: 05 Jul 2007
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Working with Recovery Solution is pretty much like working with any other Altiris product -- there are ups and downs. From my experience, I found myself looking directly at the associated DB when trying to write reports or figure out the flow of data as snapshots, agent registrations and server tasks were completed. Because there was no referential documentation to explain how it was all tied together on the backend, I took it upon myself to sit down with the DB and do a deep dive to figure out how it all was put together.

The attached document should provide a sufficiently detailed view of the database, the tables contained within, a description of each table, a description of the table elements and then a diagram to show how the tables are tied together in a logical view. I know after I was done I was not only tired of looking at this "stuff" but I was pretty happy with the results. Hopefully this will be a benefit for anyone looking for a schema overview of the RS database and associated tables.

*Please note, this has not been updated with any schme changes from the latest RS 6.2 SP2 release*