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Remove Data

Created: 13 Jun 2012 • Updated: 18 Mar 2013
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Collaborators: SymantecWorkflowTeam, Chan Eil Fhios
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Component definition

This component removes a variable and the data it contains from the current process model. After this component runs, the variable will be treated as if it had never been created. There are two ways to use this component based on how "Pick Definition From Current Model" is set.

Component icon

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Definition of component input value or values

Input Value Name Input Value Data Type Req'd Example Format Explanation
Pick Definition From Current Model Boolean Yes   If checked, then the "Variable Definition" option will be shown (and is required) listing all the variables defined in the current model.
Variable Definition DataDefinition * AVariableWeWillDelete This input is required if "Pick Definition From Current Model" is checked. Choose which variable defined in the the current model will be deleted from the dropdown list.
Is Array Boolean No   Check this box if the variable to be deleted is a collection.
Variable Type Type * Text This input is required if "Pick Definition From Current Model" is not checked. Select the data type of the variable to be deleted. The "Variable Name" option will not be shown until this is set.
Variable Name String * AVariableWeWillDelete This input is required if "Pick Definition From Current Model" is not checked. The name of the variable that will be deleted. The button will list all available options that match the values set in "Variable Type" and "Is Array".

*When this field is required is described in the "Explanation" column.

Definition of component output value or values


Connection information


Component settings


Use case

Clear an error log

In many instances, a running process may collect a running accumulation of error or warning messages which are only sent on a periodic bases. For example a system administrator might want to receive all errors for a given day at the start of the next day. Once those accumulated messages have been sent, they do not need to be retained. In this case, using "Remove Data" allows the process to clear the message accumulator. The next time an error or warning message occurs, the variable will be recreated.

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