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Shortcut Creation Issue in WISE Package Studio

Created: 17 Aug 2011 • Updated: 17 Aug 2011 | 4 comments
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IIS Express 7.5 is a vendor MSI package and the MSI is created by WiX. Though there is no problem as such while customizing this application, but I found an issue while adding a shortcut to this application.

While creating IIS Express 7.5 package recently, I faced an issue that I was not able to add shortcut in this application.

This for the matter of fact I realized that the shortcut table did not exist in this application. The error which I was getting was "Field shortcut of table shortcut: Error retrieving shortcut of table"

To get this error fixed, I added the shortcut table and following entries in _Validation table:

(click on image for larger view)

After adding this I added CreateShortcuts Action in InstallExecuteSequence Table at Sequence 4500. This was because, since there was no shortcut table, the sequence too was missing from MSI. Due to this the shortcut was not getting created.

Once I did both these things, the application is installed fine with the shorcut.

This can be used with other missing tables as well. We need to add the entries in _Validation table for all the tables which are missing for its every corresponding column.

Hope this will help you if you face similar issue in future.

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Very helpful!

could you please help me with this- If I install the application with admin rights and I am able to launch it through advert shortcut. But with std user I am getting the error. There is no HKCU entries in the package. From where I should start the troubleshooting?

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Generally when you are able to launch shortcut with Admin rights and uanble to launch from standard user, then most of the times, it is the issue of permissions. I would suggest you to use Process monitor to track where it is causing the issue as in you will get to know which folder it needs write access on. It might be creating or modifying any file in your Install directory which might not have permission to do so.

If this is not the issue then please describe what error you are getting.

Piyush Nasa Altiris Certified Professional (ACP)

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Try to add 'ALLUSERS' key with value '1' to the Property table. It will create shortcuts in all user types.

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What error are you getting?  Is the application installed per machine or per user?  Have you had a look in the application event log?  Is the application one you have prepared or a vendor MSI?

If your issue has been solved, please use the "Mark as Solution" link on the most relevant thread.

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