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SSIM 4.8 Fresh Installation on Virtual Machine

Created: 18 Jan 2013 • Updated: 20 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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Hello all,

In this article I want to cover the steps of fresh installation of SSIM 4.8 product on a virtual machine. As virtualization software I use VMware Fusion 5. I assume that you have an Active Directory Domain because I have :) . By the way this is my personnel guide for fresh installation. If you have any other recommendations it would be most welcome.

1- Create a generic VM ( you can choose Red Hat as vm template )

2- As a note:

              a. Min memory requirement is 4 GB

              b. Min disk space requirement 50 GB

              c. Otherwise installation will be canceled.

3- clip_image002

4- This is my fresh installation and I use a generic type, type=1

5- clip_image004

6- Accept the agreement.

7- Go on with next button…

8- clip_image006

9- Fill all of the boxes with proper values related to your environment.

10- clip_image008

11- Wizard will ask for your domain.

12- clip_image010

13- Fill with the proper domain name and press next button.

14- clip_image012

15- Installation will begin.

16- After installation completes virtual machine will be rebooted.

17- clip_image014

18- Configuration and component installation will begin.

19- clip_image015

20- Configuration continues as shown above.

21- After configuration and component installation done, ssim server will be rebooted again. After that you can login to ssim server with its https address.

22- clip_image016

23- You can use https://IP_Address_of_SSIM_Server or http://SSIM_Server_FQDN .

24- In my environment address is . I created an (A) record for ssimsrv earlier !

25- Username is administrator. Password is the password that was created earlier during the installation.

26- clip_image018

27- As we can see at above, first of all we need a valid license.

28- clip_image020

29- Importing a valid license file than you can see the date interval like shown above.

30- You can download the client under the download menu as shown below.

31- clip_image022

32- Before switching to SSIM Client you may want to run liveupdate under the maintenance menu.

33- Now you can begin configuring SSIM for event collection.

This is the end. I hope this is informative for you.

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I just need to point out that the Disk Space specified in this thread, even though it will allow an install is exactly that, Minimum Installation requirements.  

However, in order for the SSIM to function properly and continue to be useful in a production environment our Minimum Configuration requirements must be met.

For more information on the Minimum Configuration Requirements for SSIM please read the SSIM 4.8 Installation Guide.

The Minimum Configuration Requirements for SSIM start on Page 15.

If support is called and Minimum Configuration Requirements are not met, you may be instructed to reinstall the SSIM before any further troubleshooting can be done.

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