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Subtract Minutes

Created: 13 Jun 2012 • Updated: 21 Mar 2013
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Collaborators: SymantecWorkflowTeam, Chan Eil Fhios
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Component definition

This component calculates a new date from a starting date and a number of minutes. If the number of minutes is negative, they will be added instead.

Component icon

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Definition of component input value or values

Input Value Name Input Value Data Type Req'd Example Format Explanation
Date Date Time Yes StartDate The date to use as the starting point for calculating the new date time.
Minutes Double Yes numMinutes The number of minutes to subtract from the starting date.
Result Variable Name String Yes scriptDate The name of a variable to which the new date time value will be stored.

Definition of component output value or values

A variable with the name specified in "Result Variable Name" containing the new date and time.

Connection information


Component settings


Use case

Calculate a deadline.

Suppose we have a process that has been running for 10 minutes. We could calculate when it started by using this component to subtract 10 minutes from the current date. The parameters would be set as follows:

  • "Date" would be "CurrentDate"
  • "Minutes" would be 10
  • "Result Variable Name" would be something like "processStartDate"

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