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*Updated 7-1-13* Technical Document About DS 7.1 SP1 Architecture and Data-flow

Created: 25 May 2011 • Updated: 02 Jul 2013 | 9 comments
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Attached is a PDF file with information relative to the Deployment Solution (DS) Components, what they are, and how they interact.  This document includes:

Core DS Architecture Details about:

  • DS Plugins and functionality
  • DS Site Server components and functionality
  • Task Server and Task Stickiness (Updated to reflect recent changes)
  • Background / Core discussion of Policies vs Tasks, Packages, Filters, and Package distribution
  • Some tables added by DS
  • PXE, Services, their functions and how they interact
  • How PXE communicates with the NS (very different from DS 6.9) and what SBS files are
  • Ports and Protocols
  • Difference between automatic boot selection and when you can use F8 in PXE.
  • **NEW**: Hierarchy and how DS works with Hierarchy
  • **NEW**: DeployAnywhere and HII detailed discussion
  • **NEW**: Prepare for Image Capture, Sysprep, and MiniSetup processes

Dataflow Diagrams (including detailed discussions to help understand them) covering:

  • Basic Task execution
  • How a PXE server is added to the Console
  • How console updates are sent to PXE
  • PXE service / process startup
  • PXE updates
  • Adding drivers to BootWiz and how that update gets to your WIM / PXE Configuration
  • Image and Driver replication processes (from the NS to Site Servers)
  • Initial deployment process
  • 4 disk imaging tasks and how they work
  • **NEW**: PXE and WinPE Startup Process (including where PXE ends, and WinPE takes over.  This particular dataflow discusses a very common misconception about what PXE is vs Preboot Environment vs WinPE vs Automation and how to know what is actually happening.)

Please note that this document is only completely relevant to DS 7.1 under ITMS 7.1 SP2.

Most of it is good for previous versions, but no promises.  For the 7.5 release, a new one is being created as there are significant changes!

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Its a really good presentation.

Yogesh Sadhu.

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Useful document to help know what and how it all affects each part.


Regards Jim.
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Great article. Well put together. Thanks for posting.



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After a discussion with the team, and after watching some calls come in, we realized we needed to add information in a few spots, such as Initial Deployment, which wasn't quite "clear" in the process.  We added a brief blurb about what a Web Service is, since we talk about it a lot now that this is a .NET app.  We also added a slide on what it takes for a PXE server to actually show up in the console, and one that discusses how F8 works in the current implementation (very different than in 6.9).

I hope this is useful!

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!

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nessaja's picture

Hi Thomas,

you wrote about the new Version "DS 7.1 SP2 will likely be significantly different enough to require a new document. "

When does the new Version will be released?
What are some significant changes?

The Document is great. Thanks for this.

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Is there going to be an update relative to 7.1 SP2 for this doc?  Would love to see it.

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So no.

However, there will be one for DS 7.5 that releases later this year, late Q4.

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!

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ClementL's picture

Very great article !!!

Is there any chance to have an update for DS 7.5 and 7.6 ??

Many thanks.

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