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Time zone corretion for SEPM 11.x or other java products

Created: 23 Nov 2011 • Updated: 06 Dec 2011
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Good day. А short time ago my country (Russia) have changed it's timezone.

There is no problems on  Microsoft products, but incorrect time is present at verious java based products such as SEPM 11.x

I found a solution at oracle site:

1. To correct time zone you should download a latest Timezone Updater Tool.

Direct URL:

2. You should stop all java based services (recomended by oracle), at our case thats SEPM service

3. Unzip tzupdater.jar file from arhcive to your java based folder. At my case(default x86 systems path) thats:

C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\jdk\bin

4. Run Command with administrative rights (Start->Run->CMD)

5. Go to java base folder to execute sccript:

cd "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\jdk\bin"

6.Execute command:

java -jar tzupdater.jar -u

7. Reboot server and enjoy with correct timezone

P.S. Some help for tzupdater.jar

-h, --help
Print the usage to stdout and exit. Other options are ignored if you specify this option.
-V, --version
Show the tool version number and the tzdata version numbers of the JRE software and the archive embedded in the JAR file and exit.
-u, --update
Update the time zone data and perform verification tests. You can run the verification tests separately with the -t option. If you specify the -h, -t, or -V options, the command displays the usage to stdout and exits.
-f, --force
Force update the tzdata even if the version of the tzdata archive is older than the JRE software's tzdata version. This option does not require the -u option to perform the update. This option is not needed under normal operating conditions.
-v, --verbose
Display detailed messages to stdout.
-bc, --backwardcompatible
Keep backward compatibility with the JDK version 1.1 three-letter timezone IDs, "MST," EST,"and "HST." Any timezone IDs that conflict with the JDK version 1.1 timezone IDs will be removed from the installed timezone data. You must specify the -bc option with the -u, -f or -t option.
-t, --test
Run verification tests only and exit. If the JRE has timezone data that does not match the data in the tool, the verification tests report errors and fail. The -f option is ignored if specified. If you specify the -bc option, any test cases for timezone IDs that conflict with the JDK version 1.1timezone IDs will be ignored.