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Trim String

Created: 13 Jun 2012 • Updated: 15 Jan 2015
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Collaborators: SymantecWorkflowTeam, africo, Chan Eil Fhios
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Component definition

This component will trim any blank space on either side of the string input and output the trimmed value.

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Definition of component input value or values

Input values
Input value name Input value data type Example format
Input Variable Name Text       Hello World  !    


Definition of component output value or values

Output values
Output value name Output value data type Example format
Output Variable Name Text Hello World  !

Connection information

This component does not connect to any external data or systems.

Component settings

This component does not have any additional non-standard configuration fields.

Use case

Trimming User Input

In some cases, a user may copy/paste from another source.  The string that was copied may have several spaces of blank space at the end, and the user may not realize it.  This could present challenges later on for reporting or finding entries, as the empty spaces are not expected.  This component can normalize the inputs and remove the blank spaces on either side of the input.

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