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Troubleshooting PCAnywhere Agent after SMP Agent was Reinstalled

Created: 14 Jun 2012
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I've run into this issue a few times.  When you try to get the pcAnywhere plugin to install and it shows it's finishing asyncroniously, but never fully finishes and nothing appears under the start menu. 

Here's the solution I've found and it has worked in most of my issues with pcAnywhere.

On a x64 bit machines I've had to drill down to C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\

At this location there is a pcAnywhere folder.  Delete this folder wiping out everything in it. 

Now using the RAAD v2 tool, run diagnostics on the machines which is giving you trouble, go to the SWD tab and find the pcAnywhere plugin install file and click run.  This will run the file.  If prompted to run as logged on user, I typically select yes.  If you are remoted into the machine,  you should see the pcAnywhere icon appear in the taskbar, which shows that is was installed successfully. 

Follow the same technique for a 32-bit machine,  however you would simply go to the Program Files\ directory instead of Program Files (x86)\.

Hope this helps those of you having issues with installing the pcAnywhere plugin after redeploying the agent to a machine.