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Troubleshooting a Slipstreamed Install of SVS on XP SP3

Created: 07 May 2008 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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You may face problems when using the slipstream process to install Software Virtualization Solution in an XP Service Pack 3 environment. Have you tried? It ends up rolling back.

This only occurs in a slipstreamed XP Service Pack 3 installation.

The reason is a quite a simple one but extremely hard to find out, even from the extremely verbose log that you can generate from the installation. Use the "-l*v logfile.txt" parameter on the msi file to see it appear.

Do not worry! The problem is not in Software Virtualization Solution. (Actually, this is probably bad as it stops Altiris from easily fixing it!). The problem is with the WMI Provider built into Windows XP. The slipstreaming still has a few bugs as it's just been released.

How to fix it

There is an easy way to remedy this problem:

Go into the Windows XP Start menu and click control panel.

Open the Add and Remove Programs applet and click Add and Remove Windows Components.

This will bring up a menu which you can select which Windows components you wish to keep and remove. Just keep clicking next and it will reinstall the WMI provider.

How simple was that!?

How and Why it works

When you installed Service Pack 3, the WMI provider was replaced or not set up properly but some old files were left. Reinstalling the WMI provider removes the old files and allows the installer for Software Virtualization Solution to be successfully completed when it tries to use the compiler (or so it says in the log).

If anyone has anything more to add to this, just leave a comment!