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Update PGP US with few simple steps to new 3.3.0 version

Created: 17 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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Few days ago Symantec introduce new version of PGP US. With 3.3 version comes some really good changes, fixes and what's really new PGP products name mapping was changed.

More information about new PGP products names you can find at

1. To upgrade you PGP US server first of all you have to login at using your licence serial number.

2. In next step just download file called

3. When download will be completed just unzip it. You should find two files:


4. Unzip You should get file called SymantecEncryption3.3.0.pup it's our upgrade file.

5. In next step just open PGPUS web console at https://your_pgp_server:9000 and login.

6. Before you upgrade PGPUS remember to make a backup of your Organization key and PGPUS to do that just folow this short instruction:

  • Go to System=>Backups

7. Click Backup Now a chose proper name for your backup after that click Backup button.

8. Now you can backup your Organization Key to do that just go to Keys=>Organization Keys and click on your organization key.

9. In new window click Export button.

10. Now select Export Keypair and set your password for keys and click Export button and save ASC file to disk.

11. Now you are ready to go with your upgrade. Just go to System=>Updates

12. Click Upload Update Package... and browse for your SymantecEncryption3.3.0.pup file. Now just click Upload button.

13. You have to wait few minutes for uploading process...

14. After proper upload you should get information that everything goes ok and file was uploaded successfully. Now click install button to update server.

15. You get warning message that reboot is required to make upgrade, just click OK button.

16. After that you will be automatically logged out and information about update will appear.

That's all, for about few seconds you will have the new 3.3 version PGPUS. I hope this article will be usefull. Have a nice day for all :)

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First off, thank you for this helpful tutorial. It's nice to have lots of screenshots walking you through the process of how to do the upgrade.

One thing that I think would be beneficial for customers to know on this too is what to do if your license serial doesn't show Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3 on the FileConnect site. This is because the new 3.3 product requires a new serial number.

This is a different than the product/license key that is provided to you for installation of the product.

I would recommend calling Customer Care at that point and they will verify that you still have a valid software maintenance agreement and provide you with a new serial number to download the new 3.3 version.

Here is the phone number for customer care: 1-800-721-3934

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Thank you for information about that. I used temporary serial key from  one of Symantec Ingeeners so I didnt use typical serial number to download update pacakage from fileconnect.

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Excellent article.  We are planning to upgrade to 3.3.1 from 3.2.0 MP3 next week and this is a wonderful find.  Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

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