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Upgrading CCS without Losing Legacy Queries

Created: 26 Feb 2009 • Updated: 13 Apr 2009
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If you're using a new installation of Control Compliance Suite 8.6, you may have noticed that you can't import or migrate BindView bv-Control for Active Directory queries from pre-8.6 installations. This is because bv-Control for Active Directory is no longer there. The bv-Control for Active Directory snap-in has merged into the bv-Control for Windows snap-in. To continue using any existing bv-Control for Active Directory queries in a new installation, you need to manually recreate any existing queries using the fields available in the bv-Control for Windows snap-in.

In previous versions of bv-Control for Active Directory, you could query multiple Active Directory forests if each target forest could be resolved through the Information Server's primary DNS server. But as a result of the change to bv-Control for Active Directory, the Master Query Engine (MQE) now performs Active Directory queries instead of the Information Server. And since the MQE performs the query, multiple Active Directory forests can be queried even if they don't leverage a common DNS infrastructure.

By default, the MQE will query the first available domain controller, which will most likely be a domain controller in the same Active Directory site—essentially the same domain controller that would service logon attempts on the MQE host server. But there is a new option available that allows you to manually specify the domain controller rather than allowing the MQE to select one. This new option is designed to allow you to focus queries on a domain controller in whichever site has a lower load, or domain controllers that are accessible via a higher bandwidth connection. You can configure this option by selecting bv-Config for Windows > Query Engine Settings on the Options tab.

If you have upgraded to a new installation of CCS 8.6, legacy bv-Control for Active Directory support will be enabled by default and old queries will continue to work, with the Information Server performing the data-gathering activities. In a new installation you can continue this legacy support, but as time goes on you should recreate your existing queries using the bv-Control for Windows snap-in to leverage the newer features in CCS 8.6. To continue legacy support:

  1. Install CCS 8.50 Data Collection
  2. Install both the bv-Control for Active Directory and the bv-Control for Windows snap-ins
  3. Upgrade to CCS 8.60 Data Collection

For more information about the bv-Control for Windows snap-in, click here. For more information about Control Compliance Suite, click here.