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User Enterprise Manager to Add Datafiles for DLP DB

Created: 18 Sep 2013 • Updated: 20 Sep 2013
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According to the previous article:

we introduced how to install the Enterprise Manager (EM) for DLP Oracle DB.

In this article, we will have a graphic guide to use EM to add datafile for DLP DB in order to expand the tablespace of DLP.

1. Launch browser to log into EM as sys:


2. From 'Server' tab, select 'Tablespaces':


3. There are several tablespaces inside the DLP DB. All the DLP incidents and the attachment of the incidents will be stored in the tablespace named LOB_TABLESPACE. 


From the list, you can find out the usage of each tablespace.

4. Click the LOB_TABLESPACE, it will list all the datafiles of the tablespace:


Defaultly, there are 3 datafiles of the LOB_TABLESPACE, and the size of each datafile is about 32G. So, the default size of the LOB_TABLESPACE is about 100G. After the running of the DLP, and the increasing of the incidents, may be we will need to add more datafile to this tablespace.

5. From the list of the datafiles, select the last one, for example, LOB03.DBF.

The default action for this datafile is 'Create Like', then, click 'Go' button:


6. In the 'File Name' field, input the number next to the previous datafiles.

For example, if you already have 3 datafile which named LOB01.DBF, LOB02.DBF, LOB03.DBF, you must name the new datafile as LOB04.DBF

And, keep all the other options as the default, then click 'OK' button:


7. This will take several seconds or minutes to finish the creation:


8. After the creation, go back to the datafile list page, you will find our the new datafile added:


Just remember that, you don't need more further configuration about the tablespace and the datafile. The incidents and the attachments of incidents will be write into the new datafile of the LOB_TABLESPACE automaticly.