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Welcome to the SMP Group on Symantec Connect!

Created: 23 Nov 2009 • Updated: 21 Jul 2010 | 2 comments
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Welcome to the SMP Group on Connect!

We have outgrown our server and have moved to a permanent home! With the move, the Developer Portal ( has become a dedicated developer community hosted on Symantec Connect at

Please note that the legacy portal ( will be deactivated as of December 31, 2009.

Symantec Connect has been up and running since early 2009 and is tried and tested. As of November 2009 you will automatically be granted membership into the new Symantec Management Platform (SMP) group of the developer community. We will continue to support the existing developer portal until the end of 2009.

Moving to Symantec Connect

We have used the Symantec SymAccount authentication engine to manage your user preferences on Symantec Connect. With a SymAccount, you can use your logon credentials and profile on multiple Symantec applications including Symantec Connect, MySymantec, MySupport, Symantec Licensing Portal, PartnerNet, and Symantec Technology Network (STN).

The first time that you logged on to the developer community on Symantec Connect, you were asked to log on to an existing SymAccount (which automatically synchronized your identity) or set up a new SymAccount.

If you or another developer is having difficulty creating an account, please refer to “Creating a Symantec Connect Account” at the end of this article.

Customizing Your Notifications

You will begin receiving email notifications about the group immediately and may want to modify the default notification settings. You can change notification settings in your user profile to Immediately, Every hour, Twice a day, Daily, or Weekly, as shown in the following screen shot:



If you choose anything but the Immediately option, you will receive a single email notification with the news posts and comments received during the period that you select (Every hour, Twice a day, Daily, or Weekly).

Just for You: New Features on Symantec Connect

You’ve been talking, and we’ve been listening.

  • You asked for a forum . . . you’re getting one!
  • You want a search utility that works? Done.
  • You want fast servers? No problem.
  • You want training videos? You’ll find them in increasing numbers.
  • You want to be part of a true user community? You’re about to be.

At Symantec Connect you will be part of a community of like-minded site users and can interact with them using a robust, secure, feature-packed environment. Here are some of the new features you can look forward to:

Forum: A forum serves you better by 1) connecting you to a broader base of knowledgeable SMP developers and 2) increasing the amount of information that will be available to help you develop your SMP solution.The forums will be actively monitored by the same developers that you currently reach at

Articles: The articles area lets you and your peers showcase important information that should be made available to the SMP community. Articles posted by the Developer Services team present the hottest topics most of you need to know about.
Blogs: Blog entries will provide a quick-release area for development topics so you will see more information on the topics you need. As a part of our commitment to getting more information to you more quickly, we will begin publishing a blog entry every time a new release of the SMP and SDK is available. No more hunting around to find them! No more wondering if you are current! No more wondering where to find the release notes!

Downloads: The downloads you need will be easier for us to maintain. Hooray for us!

Ideas: The ideas area will be your area for feature requests, improvements, wishes, etc. You can follow your idea as we acknowledge and implement it.

Developer API: The same tree you know from the legacy Developer Portal library has been re-created within the SMP group on Connect, but your ability to search the APIs will dramatically increase. Need to know if there is some sort of “Security” class or function in the core APIs? Type in “Security” in the API search box and you get prompted with a list of all namespaces, classes, and functions with “Security” in them.

RSS: The RSS capabilities of the Symantec Connect site are excellent. You can easily set up a feed for any content you want—for keeping a broad-scoped watch on all group content or for picking and choosing only the feeds most important to you. Hook yourself up to the information you need on new downloads available, your favorite blogs, forum thread updates . . .
whatever you want and as much (or as little) as you want.

Creating a Symantec Connect Account

To become a member of the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) developer group on the Symantec Connect site, please do the following:

1) In a browser, enter the following URL:

2) Click the Register link, and then follow the steps to create your SymAccount/Connect User Account.

  • Please make sure that you use the same email address that you provided to the Symantec Developer Program. You will then be automatically granted membership to the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) developer group.

3) After you have created your account, click the Groups tab. If you do not see the Symantec Management Platform group on the Groups page, send an email request to, and include the following details:

  • The username and email address that you used to log on to the Developer Portal (at
  • The username that you set up when you registered on the Symantec Connect site.
  • We will need to verify your participation in the Symantec Developer Program. Please allow up to 24 hours, M-F to get access to the group.

4) After you have been notified that you have access to the group content on Symantec Connect, please visit the site to see what is there.

We have been working hard to add new information so that you can make the most of this new site’s capabilities.

As always, we take your privacy very seriously. If you have any questions, feel free to review the Symantec privacy policy here:

Welcome to Symantec Connect! We look forward to supporting your solution-development efforts and hearing from you regularly.

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chfranklin's picture

Would anyone happen to have a link to documented OS rights required by the SMP application identity/service account?

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Riaz Ahmad's picture

SMP installation requires local Administrative rights.
See page 36 of the PDF available here -

Here are some other useful links :

You can also post questions to the Altiris Notification Server Group (aka SMP User group) here -

If you are a developer, you can request access to our SMP developer group with the instructions above and post questions to our internal developer forum.

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