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What is the purpose of the Vontu\Protect\tools\sql SQL scripts

Created: 11 Mar 2012 • Updated: 12 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
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There are five SQL scripts under the folder \Vontu\Protect\tools\sql. These five SQL scripts are used for some kind of auditing purposes.

ClearAdminLockout.sql - Used to unlock DLP Administrator account. The DLP Administrator account will be locked due to multiple failed login attempts.

ClearSystemEvents.sql - This script will clear all records from the systemevents table. Systemevents table is used as a log by DLP to record system events for troubleshooting. There is no ongoing provision for periodically clearing out this table. It will grow and grow and grow.

ListAccountUserAction.sql - Audit report for user account changes.

ListUnsuccessfulLoginAttempts.sql - Audit report of failed login attempts.

ListUserSessions.sql - Audit report of user sessions.

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Hi yang,

This is very short and informative article. 

Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for the information, only one question. Where and how do I run these scripts?

You will never know the blessings you lose from “shooting the messenger”, instead of listening to or reading the message that was sent.

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You can run these sql inside sqlplus after you log into the Oracle DB.

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