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What is the “Storage Foundation – Array Qualifications” Group?

Created: 26 Apr 2010 • Updated: 27 Sep 2010 | 2 comments
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What is the “Storage Foundation – Array Qualifications” Group?
The  “Storage Foundation – Array Qualifications” Group has been established to provide Symantec technology partners with the necessary technical resources and discussion forums to qualify their storage platforms with Veritas Storage Foundation Dynamic Multi-pathing (DMP).  DMP’s automation and heterogeneity relies on 2 different types of software plug-ins:

  • Array Support Libraries (ASL) allow DMP’s Device Discovery Layer (DDL) to properly claim LUNs from the storage hardware, identify multiple paths to the same device, discover device specific information and basically configure DMP’s kernel code to use the correct set of procedures to control the discovered devices. As such, storage hardware specific Array Support Libraries (ASL) implement array specific logic that allows DMP to configure itself to the connected storage, and provide visibility into vendor specific attributes for that storage.
  • Array Policy Modules (APM) contains the kernel level logic required to control path states and properly handle SCSI errors from a managed device.  The base DMP packages come with APMs that implement procedures that are ‘typical’ for well known storage system behavior such as Active/Active systems, Active/Passive systems, systems that comply with the SCSI-3 ALUA standard, etc.  And for those systems that do not fit into any of the broad categories and require specific handling, Symantec has the ability to build hardware specific APMs to handle those specificities.

DMP provides automated discovery and configuration of the driver for any storage connected that is supported by the ASL and APMs installed on the host.
To see an article on the Dynamic Multi-pathing (DMP) feature of Storage Foundation, click here.  Or, click here to see the complete white paper.
For more information on storage device discovery with DMP, click here.
You may request membership to this group if you are a registered member of the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP).  For more information, or to apply for STEP membership, contact

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On a related note, ASLs and APMs are posted for customers at:

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