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Where Can I Find Workflow 7.1 MP1 Documentation?

Created: 09 Nov 2012 • Updated: 12 Nov 2012
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This article explains how you can find Workflow documentation on the Symantec Knowledge Base. It also includes a table with links to the the 7.1 MP1 documentation.

Note: This is not the most current version of Workflow. The most current version of Workflow is 7.1 SP2. For 7.1 SP2 documentation, see the following article:

To find most Workflow documentation on the Knowledge Base

  1. Browse to the Symantec Knowledge Base at the following location:
  2. In the header of the page, navigate to Support > Supported Products A - Z.
  3. On the Supported Products A - Z page, click Workflow Solution. This will bring you to the Workflow documentation landing page. For each release, Workflow documentation is posted at this location.
  4. To find content, you can either search or browse. To search, enter a search term in the search box and click the arrow button. Alternately, you can click each of the documentation type headings (Documentation, How To, Release Notes, Known Issue) for a complete listing of content under this category.

Below you can find a reference table to the Workflow 7.1 MP1 documentation.

Release Notes
Installation and Configuration Guide
User Guide
Component Guide