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Wise Package Studio for Beginners

Created: 15 Dec 2008 • Updated: 15 Jan 2009 | 9 comments
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I really appreciate your patience.
Its a great article and a great help to all those rookies in packaging.




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As one of those rookies just beginning to study packaging, this tutorial very clearly explains the process. Thanks for taking the time to include so many screenshots, as those were extremely helpful in clarifying your written instructions. Thanks a bunch

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If you're just starting in the "wonderful" world of application packaging, I would recommend that you read up on Windows Installer technology as opposed to learning the ins and outs of using the packaging tool. There's no point knowing how to use the packaging tool if you do not have any idea of the end product.

Here's a link that may help. John McFadyen's Blog

The blog talks about basic and some advanced Windows Installer technology in detail, (ie. Self Healing, Installation sequences).

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MSI-WPS's picture

Thanks ERIKW
nice job,Thanks for your helped me a lot.

Thanks& Best Regards,

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Hi Erik,

Can  you please help me where can i get the material for the INSTALLSHIELD ADMINSTUDIO.

I need step by step with snapshot. can you please help me.

becuse i have to start my job on 9th dec.

Please Erik,
Replay me as soon as possible.

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Well done Erik, thanks for putting this together it will be a great help to anyone starting out in the weird and wonderful world of packaging.

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RameshReddy Emani's picture

HI Every one. 

Getting started with installshield developer and windows installer setups

for Pdf Download ->

and also i'm attached this pdf with this post.



getting-started-with-installshield-developer-and-windows-installer-setups.pdf 12.8 MB
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When I click on the links above I'm taken to what appears to be a landing page and after searching the page I find nothing about Wise Package Studio videos. I've found the first elsewhere for installing the product but can't find the others. BTW, I found the installation video annoying without narration or on screen cues. Wiggling the mouse around something does not automatically imply what you're doing. I've made Camtasia presentations and it isn't that hard to add narration.


Hmmm, it appears to be working now. Site maintenance?

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elganza's picture

When I click any one of the sections I get an error saying the page is not found:

Page Not Found

The requested page could not be found.

Has it been moved somewhere else? and any other resources available to learn more about WPS?

Thank you 

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