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Created: 15 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 May 2016 | 7 comments
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Workflow 8.0

For more information about other IT Management Suite 8.0 documentation, please see the following URL:

Workflow 7.6

For more information about other IT Management Suite 7.6 documentation, please see the following URL:

Workflow 7.5 SP1

For more information about other IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1 documentation, please see the following URL:

Workflow 7.5

For more information about other IT Management Suite 7.5 documentation, please see the following URL:

Workflow 7.1 SP2

Workflow 7.1 SP1

Workflow 7.1 MP1

Workflow 7.0 SP3

Workflow 7.0 SP2

Workflow 7.0 SP1

Workflow MR4

Workflow 7.0

This article also explains how you to find the Workflow documentation on the Symantec Knowledge Base.

To find most Workflow documentation on the Knowledge Base

  1. Open the Enterprise Support page at
  2. Under TOP PRODUCTS, click Supported Products A to Z.
  3. On the Supported Products A-Z page, click Workflow.
    This opens the Workflow documentation landing page.
  4. To find content, you can either search or browse.
    To search: 
    Type a keyword or phrase in the Knowledge Base Search field and click the search symbol (magnifying glass).
    To browse:
    Click a documentation type heading for a complete listing of content in the category.
    (Documentation, How To, Best Practices, Known Issue, Release Notes, Troubleshooting)

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Intuitive Rob's picture

I've been looking for the 7.5 user guide, and when I click the link either out of the SD 7.5 guide or via the support website, it takes me to the SD 7.5 Load Balancing guide.  If someone has the correct link they could post, I would appreicate it.

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CNWilliams's picture

Intuitive Rob,

You have the correct link. The problems is as follows:

ServiceDesk 7.5 contains a pre-release version of Workflow 7.5. But because Workflow is officially part of the Symantec Management Platform, Workflow 7.5 will not be officially released until ITMS 7.5 is available. At that time, the Workflow 7.5 User Guide will be released.

Kindest Regards,



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resendesw's picture

The issue is we are using ServiceDesk and since Workflow is required we really need that documentation.  Even if it has to have the word draft all over it or if we have to sign a NDA to view it.  I understand its not officially out, but then it shouldn't have been shipped with SD or some consideration should be given to those that need to have it before the official date.

It has been quite an ordeal with the interations of SD that its now finally maturing into a good product, only to have our hands tied by yet another level of fustration (no WorkFlow documentation).

Just my .02

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Jason Short's picture

Hi Resendesw,

I understand your comments regarding the release of the Workflow documentation for the WF 7.5 version that supported the SD 7.5 release, unfortunately, it was not possible to release the official documentation.  You can continue to utilize the WF 7.1 SP2 documentation for WF 7.5 until we can release the documentation.  You can also use the videos we have posted on Connect to explain some of the new features, for example the WebApp project type: Create a Workflow using the Service Catalog Request Template - Part 1


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resendesw's picture

Thanks for the links.  I will definately check those out.  So if we use the 7.1 SP2 documents will we run into any issues when we move to WF 7.5?  New items, depreciated items, etc?  I dont really want to do too much work only to redo setups and configurations.


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Sayee Jadhav's picture

Hi there,

I've added the links for Workflow 7.5 documentation. Do take a look, and share your feedback.



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Sayee Jadhav's picture

Hello everyone, 

I've added the references to Workflow 7.5 SP1 documentation and ITMS 7.5 SP1 documentation.


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