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Add Queue Assignment Changes to an Incident History

Created: 12 Sep 2013
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Out of the box, ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 does not include the ability to look at an incident and quickly determine how many times it has changed hands.   This information is useful to determine where the breakdown in the handling process happened and possibly correct it.  ServiceDesk already adds this information for ownership changes but why not queue assignments?   That is where this custom workflow comes in.

Steps to implement:

1. Download the attached workflow package and publish to your ServiceDesk server.
2. Open the ServiceDesk portal and navigate to Admin > Process Automation.
3. Expand Incident Management and click the Service Dashboard button.|
4. Expand OnTicketAssigned Ruleset.  Click the lightning bolt icon and select Add Rule.
5. Click the Add Group button.  Under Group 1, click Add Condition and select Any from the resulting dropdown menu.
6. Click the + button to add the condition to the group.
7. Under Actions click Add Action.
8. Select Send Incident to Workflow as the action and enter the parameters in the screenshot below.  Be sure to specify the FQDN of your ServiceDesk server in the URL and change http to https if you are using SSL.


9. Click the + icon next on the right to add the action to the rule.
10. Click Save.

Now, for every incident that is reassigned using the Reassign Ticket process, the following message will be added to the process history section:


Hope this helps someone else!