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Adobe FlashPlayer Upgrade Script

Created: 03 Jun 2008 • Updated: 03 Jun 2008 | 4 comments
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With all the fuss going around about the vulnerabilities in Adobe FlashPlayer it is important to make sure you stay at the most current version. But did you know that simply installing the current version of Flash does not always uninstall older versions.

The worst part is that it does not tell you this causing your PCs to still be vulnerable. This wise script can be used to make sure your PCs have the latest version and that all of the previous versions are removed.

Just compile the script and place it in the same folder as the Flash installer and the uninstaller executables.

It can be easily modified to update to newer versions as they are released.

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How do you normally deploy this package?

For instance, how do you deal with open browsers using WISE? We normally have to run these types of tasks while users are logged off so that open browsers don't cause issues.

Kind Regards,

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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I, too, have seen that the installation does not uninstall earlier versions. Does anyone deploy these upgrades through Group Policy. Any suggestions.


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The problem is that Adobe for some reason don't want to remove some files/registry entries during uninstall (I guess) so during install they set explicit deny for "everyone" (if recall correctly) for these resources.

What I had to do while deploying through GPO before I knew exactly which registy entries that was affected by this denial was to author a custom action that would ZAP (MSIZAP) previous versions sequenced before the InstallFiles & WriteRegistryValues (standard) actions in the newer version.

Now when knowing I would just reset the permissions using SetACL or similar before the upgrade takes place.

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In our environment, we just uninstall all older versions (using Adobe Flash uninstall ultilities), and install a new clean install.

Less headache, and ensure 1 consistent version in production. Adobe Flash ActiveX player Uninstall can be download at this link

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