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Altiris CustInv Builder

Created: 20 Aug 2007 | 4 comments
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Altiris created this self-contained executable file one or two years ago, to make it easier for a user to create a custom inventory XML file based off of Registry or WMI data.

To use it, simply run the aexinvbuilder.exe file which causes the following window to open:

Step one requires you to browse to a location where you wish to have the XML file saved as well as give that file a name. You also need to provide a data class (table) name. As my example is going to report on CPU data, I have used the HW prefix, so that this data class will automatically be listed under the hardware inventory scan data classes in Resource Manager.

Step two requires you to select Registry or WMI. The WMI screen looks like this:

You then browse to either your registry or WMI location, select which values you want to report on from that location, and then press the "Create" button.

Once created, you can then open the XML file in order to add a description as well as change the mifClass name from its default to a similar one that you used for the data class name.


  • mifClass name is not automatically generated when the Class name is provided.
  • You can only select registry data or WMI data in each file, causing you to have to merge all files together if you wanted all data in one data class.
  • Each file can only contain one registry or WMI location at a time, causing you to have to merge all files together if you wanted all data in one data class.
  • It does not provide INI or file header options.
License: AJSL
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jjesse's picture

In my use of the Custom Inventory builder, I've had it build successful XML that has worked as custinv 3 out of 5 times. IT also seems out of date.
I've had some problems as well with IE7 and the custom inventory builder as well....

However at least it is something out there, in the NS class I teach we use it, but still gives us problems.

Wish there was something better


Jonathan Jesse

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cnpalmer75's picture

At least it's something! I may have a few more I'll post up here. Same thing though, they are out of date. If there is interest let me know.

Benjamin Z. Palmer
Architect | Workspace Design | The Hartford | Simsbury, CT 06082

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jjesse's picture

Custom inventory always seems like black magic or vodoo due to the lack of an easy process to create them. I would be interested in anything extra you got

Jonathan Jesse

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LuisB-Sonepar's picture

Has this tool been updated for SMP 7.1 ?

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