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Altiris Server 7 Monitor Pack - Basic - Updated July 2009

Created: 01 Jul 2009 • Updated: 09 Nov 2009
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Updated with the following Counters:

Active Client Request Count
Client Request Count
Server Busy Responses
Event Processed/min
Total Event Processed
EventQ Bad Count > 10000
EventQ Count > 20000

Symantec Management Platform Monitor Policy
This is a basic Altiris Server Monitor Pack which monitors the basic availability, Security Changes, Windows Services and Disk space extra. Details on the monitored metrics can be found found. Please feel free to extend on this Monitor Pack and change the rules to fit your needs.

Altiris Server Policy Monitors the following Items:

Altiris Server Availability via ICMP Ping
Altiris Server NIC Bandiwdth over 80% for more than 5 minutes
Symantec Security Groups Add and Remove changes (requires enabling of Account Management Audit in GP)
Altiris Server Disk Space Warning less than 15% and Major less than 5% all LogicalDisks
Altiris Server T_Log File Size larger than 600MB
Altiris Server T_Log File Used more than 80% used of 600MB
Altiris Windows Services with Auto Remediation Restart via Service Control Task