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CMS 7.1 SP2 - Custom Inventory for Internet Explorer

Created: 04 Jun 2012 | 4 comments
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I noticed that IE was no longer inventoried by default, so I created the custom inventory attached. You will need to modify the GUIDs to reflect your environment (i.e. create a custom data class, and match the GUID with that part in the VBS script). Hope this saves someone a minute.

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Works great!  I used it in conjunction with the following post.

Thank you!


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This is amazing!  Thank you for putting this together.  When my co-worker mentioned the IE Version isn't inventoried by the SMP anymore, I thought, "No way."  But it's this script is PERFECT.  Plus it's an easy way to see how to modify it to track other registry entries.  A++!

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To deal with IE 10 and 11 reporting as "9.10" and "9.11"

I replaced 

strValueName1 = "Version"


strValueName1 = "svcUpdateVersion"

This may fail with machines with versions prior to 9 as I'm not sure when the "svcUpdateVersion" began to be used.  A more extended scripting session could check for the existance of "svcUpdateVersion" and if it isn't present, use "Version".

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here is some powershell that will take the value of svcVersion if its available and version if svcVersion is not there:

$regkey = "HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer"

$Name = "svcVersion"

$IEVersion = (Get-ItemProperty $regkey).$name

if (-not $IEVersion)


$Name= "Version"

$IEVersion = (Get-ItemProperty $regkey).$name


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