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ComputerName Depositor for Layer Compatability

Created: 09 Nov 2006 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 | 2 comments
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This program will allow a person to place the current COMPUTERNAME into selected locations of the registry.

This tool is related to this forum thread.

It contains complete sourcecode and a compiled version. The program is meant to be run as an UPDATE to a layer, it should not be installed directly to the computer system.

Created with Wise InstallMaster.

License: AJSL
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I downloaded the zip file and executed computername.exe. It starts the Wise installation process and after 2-3 seconds process get closed. I am using windows 2003 Server EE. Kindly let me know how to use this tool.

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Ok, what you do is download the ZIP file. If you have WISE scripting compiler, you can use the files in the source directory to re-compile, or edit this basic installer to do other things. If you do not have the Wise compliler, then just ignore the Source directory.

The SetupComputerName.exe is what most of you folks want to work with.

Using the SVS Admin tool, you do a File, Update Layer for the layer you want the computername tool applied to.

When it asks what program, you would need to select the SetupComputerName.exe program. It will display a few text prompts, trying to make sure that you are running the tool in the right way.

Next, it will install, and then it uses notepad to edit %WINDOWS%\ComputerName.INI file. What you do is add registry key entries to the file that specify where in the registry you want the COMPUTERNAME to reside.

The sample list would be something like:


This would cause tool to plop the computername into the above described registry key locations at activation time.

After you've edited the text file the installer simply EXITS. ComputerName.EXE is not executed once the setup is completed. You need to DEACTIVATE the layer, and then REACTIVATE the layer in order for ComputerName.exe to run.

ALSO: - I MESSED UP ON THE VERSION YOU DOWNLOADED! Sorry bout that... I accidently included the wrong compiled program!!! The correct version should have a compiled SETUPCOMPUTERNAME.EXE and not COMPUTERNAME.EXE! Sorry bout that...

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