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Custom Compliance By Update Report - Critical and Important Severity Only

Created: 14 Apr 2014 • Updated: 18 Apr 2014
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Credit to ArturoDFW for pointing me in the right direction on this one with his post on Missing report Windows Compliance by Computer - Details in NS7.

I needed a way to get the "Windows Compliance by Update" report to only show data related to updates which have a severity rating of Critical or Important.  If you want to include higher or lower patch severity ratings, you can easily adjust the stored procedure by modifying the following line in the attached SQL querry:

AND   sr.SeverityLevel >=3

Simply modify the "3" to be the minimum patch severity rating you want to include, where:


Follow the steps below to create the report yourself.

  1. As described above, edit the attached sql querry to include updates matching the desired severity ratings (default is "Critical" and "Important")
  2. Unzip the attached ZIP file.
  3. Run the sql querry against your CMDB
  4. Import the attached XML to create a new report called "Windows Compliance by Update - Critical and Important Only".  This report references the stored procedure you just created in step 2.

Note that if you right click on one of the devices and choose "View Applicable Updates" you'll still see all associated updates in that report, but you can easily sort by severity rating.