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Data Remediation Part II: Duplicate Computer Names With Different Domain

Created: 14 Nov 2007 • Updated: 23 Apr 2009
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As outlined in a previous post, one of the ways in which data can be duplicated is through duplicate computer names. If you are not familiar with what I may be talking about read the posting titled "Duplication of Data... AKA Bad juju". We'll hold while you take a look...

Welcome Kotter! Now that you've had a chance to skim over the article, the attached SQL script will allow you to list our all the instances of where a computer name is duplicated on your NS despite the domain suffix attached. Altiris identifies a computer name in the console as the computername.domain. So if you were to have an instance where the name was the same but the domain was different, it wouldn't be listed. This a 2 parter... the first part will list out all the duplicates, the second part will allow you to view the details given a duplicate name sans domain. You can then use the second file to actually merge these resources using only the name.

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