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DS 7.1.x display Usernames and hashed Passwords that Tasks are set to RunAs

Created: 27 Jun 2013 • Updated: 27 Jun 2013
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Since we left DS 6.9, there is no mechanism to identify which usernames/passwords various tasks are set to run as.  I have a current need to transition to a new set of accounts for deploying DS 7.1.x Tasks, but I had no way of knowing how many accounts needed to be touched to complete the transition, so this SQL was written. 

This is laid out in a straight forward manner will a lot of documentation within the script.  You can easily modify this script to look for specific account(s), or even specific password hashes.

This SQL script requires 4 StoredProcedures and a Function to work properly and I have attached Create scripts for each of them.  This takes less than 10 seconds to bring back just under a thousand records.

Step 1:  Create spGetUsernameEmbeddedInTask
Step 2:  Create spGetUsernameEmbeddedInTask2
Step 3:  Create spGetPasswordEmbeddedInTask
Step 4:  Create spGetPasswordEmbeddedInTask2
Step 5:  Create fnSplit
Step 6:  Run ShowAccountForTaskRunAs

Hopefully someone finds this useful since some of the DS6.9 tools never made it over to 7.1.x.