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DS PurgeTool Added to the DS Tools Menu

Created: 18 Jul 2008 • Updated: 18 Jul 2008 | 1 comment
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As another article in Altiris Juice stated, that DS contains a file called ATools.ini, which is installed in the Deployment Server folder, which can be edited in Notepad to be modified.

Custom Utilities can be added to the Tools Menu in the DS console as I did with the DS Purge Utility.

This utility was originally posted as a script download which you could then run as you liked. So I decided to add the utility to the Altiris Deployment Console, under Tools to keep it more centralized.

DS Purge Utility

What this utility does is check your DS console for any clients that have not reported Inventory in "X" number of days that you specify. If it has found any clients that have not reported Inventory for the "X" number of days, you will be prompted with a confirmation box, asking if you would like to delete those clients.

When the utility is finished it will close and create a log file in .\DSPurge.txt.

Download and copy the attached script to the following location:

c:\program files\altiris\express\deployment server\scripts\



Edit the Atools.ini with notepad and add the following to it:

[DS Purge]
MenuText=&DS Purging
Description="Purge old clients"

Now restart the Deployment Server Console and go to the tools menu as shown below to run the Utility:

And that's it.

License: AJSL
By clicking the download link below, you agree to the terms and conditions in the Altiris Juice Software License
Support: User-contributed tools on the Juice are not supported by Altiris Technical Support. If you have questions about a tool, please communicate directly with the author by visiting their profile page and clicking the 'contact' tab.

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Thats interesting But DS has a 30 day/configurable purge "Option" Tools/Options/Global, built in so why add another ? C


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