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SMART Report Pack for DS 7.1.smp.sp5

Created: 05 Oct 2010 • Updated: 11 Oct 2010
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This is 5 reports that may be useful in using DS.  You should save this to the NS, then go to Reports | All Reports, right-click on Reports - the parent node (generally) and import the XML from there.  note: these are also included in the overall SMART bundle I've posted, along with a portal page.  Here are the supplied reports which will be creted within a sub-folder wherever you choose to import them to (right-click anywhere in Reports and choose "Import":

  1. Installation & Configuration Status:  A mix of various items that are involved in a more-or-less functional configuration of DS 7.1.  We simply check several policies and such to see if you have them in the proper status.  On the portal page, this can be useful to let you know if you forgot to turn on policies, such as after an upgrade where all policies may be reset.
  2. In-Use PXE Configurations:  A report showing which tasks are using your PXE configurations.  This supplements the PXE Configuration policy page that shows a configuration is in use by showing you where it's in use.  It can be very useful if you're trying to remove a PXE configuration.  updated I had failed to detect if it was in-use for the respond to unknown computers task.  It now also shows that.
  3. PXE Config Build Statuses:  This is quick view of the PXE build status for use in the portal.  A more detailed view is found from the "Status" button on the PXE Configuration page.  updated the default report had some bugs removed so this report has been modified to reflect the new configurations in SP5/MR2.
  4. Site Server Configuration: This report provides a list of all Site Servers and the Site Services installed relative to DS.  It can be used to expose possible issues with Site Servers that are not configured correctly (i.e. missing services).  updated as of SP5/mr2, there was some old data in here.  Also, updated the KB numbers to match the new KB.
  5. MiniNT Computer Management:  This is a report to help those using Initial Deployment in both finding and reconfiguring systems that have not been named properly.  The most common request for this are people who like to boot to PXE, and then assign jobs to systems in automation.  The report shows mac, serial, and UUID so you can find the right system.  Right-click in the report will allow you to run a configuration task as well.


I've been trying to create a package of utilities called SMART and have renamed this set of reports to match.  Thus, all names are updated and the "version" of the pack matches what they were built and tested under (I think it's pretty clear now).

Please please comment back if you like, or dislike these, or what you'd like to see added.