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Symantec Email is a part of

Email - 

  • Captures over 99% of spam and protects against 100% of known and unknown viruses
  • Blocks users from sending and receiving unauthorised or inappropriate content
  • No need to purchase or manage hardware and software
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements

Email Security in the cloud

Every day, organisations face potential communication, operational and intellectual property disruption from email-borne threats, such as viruses, spam, trojans, spyware, and phishing. Without effective defenses, these disruptions can create significant costs and losses.

Email threats have evolved, going beyond viruses and spam alone. Virus, spam and spyware writers are now taking advantage of each other’s methods. Some attacks are so targeted that they never appear on the antivirus industry radar and are not properly identified or stopped by standard signature-based scanners.

The Email service helps organisations combat these threats through advanced perimeter defenses and our proprietary Skeptic™ technologies. Operating at the Internet level with automatic and continuous updates, Email delivers protection against both known and unknown threats.

Our architecture combines multiple third party scanning engines with proprietary Skeptic™ technologies for superior protection. Traffic management slows down bad traffic at the TCP/IP layer, while connection management uses heuristics to block unwanted email at the connection layer and prevents attacks at the user layer. In addition, threat intelligence from our Web and Instant services allow us to detect and protect against converged threats that span multiple protocols. The result is regained bandwidth, increased threat protection and a cleaner connection.

Email Features

  • Virus and spam protection – captures over 99% of spam and protects against 100% of known and unknown viruses delivered via email.
  • Content and image control – blocks users from sending and receiving unauthorised or inappropriate content.
  • Cloud-based services – no need to purchase or manage hardware and software.
  • Industry leading SLAs - for service performance, service availability, email latency, and fault response.
  • 24/7 support – included with your subscription at no additional cost.

Email Benefits

  • Increases employee productivity while reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Enables businesses to enforce acceptable usage policies, reduce data loss, and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Enables rapid implementation, delivers predictable costs, and reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Ensures the highest quality of service delivery.
  • Provides access to a dedicated team of SaaS specialists who understand the importance of service excellence.

How Symantec Email works? 

The key advantage of the Email service is that it is easy to set up, requires no additional hardware, software or changes to your existing email server. You simply point your MX records to our servers where your email is filtered for spam before being passed on to your email servers.

  • Customers point their Mail Exchange (MX) records to Infrastructure.
  • Inbound and outbound email is directed by, where it is scanned.
  • Our perimeter defenses detect and reject known malware and spam originating from known sources.
  • Proprietary Skeptic™ heuristic technology provides a vital layer of security, identifying and stopping new or unknown threats and proactively detecting and rejecting spam from unknown origins.
  • Email containing a virus is blocked and quarantined for 30 days, and the recipient is notified. Email containing Spam will be acted on according to your policy. Actions can include, block and delete, quarantine for 14 days or pass through with a tagged subject line or appended header.
  • Emails and attachments are scanned to identify and prevent specific content and inappropriate images from entering or leaving your organisation. Your policies will then determine whether emails will be logged, blocked, have their subject line or header tagged, or sent to an email administrator. Attachments can also be compressed to reduce their size.
  • ‘Link following’ technology checks all web pages referenced within an email for viruses and other threats, blocking the email if malware is found on the linked sites. Suspicious links confirmed as viral will have a signature created for them so that future emails containing that link will be treated as being infected and are quarantined.
  • Administrators and / or end users manage quarantined email and spam pens as well as approved and blocked sender lists.

System Requirements

Symantec’s MessageLabs Email offerings are hosted services - there is no hardware or operating system to manage on-site and the services are compatible with any SMTP compliant mail server.

Question and Anwers

Q: What are the benefits of a Cloud-based Email Security Service?

A: As a cloud-based service you are not required to purchase additional expensive software or hardware, you do not have to worry about maintenance or updates. Nor are you required to make any changes to your existing mail server. takes care of all of this for you and most importantly it does so away from your network, ensuring only clean mail is passed on your mail servers. All updates are automatic and continual providing 24/7 spam protection. Our industry leading SLAs offer a guaranteed result over time on availability and filtering accuracy.

Q: Is it simple to setup or change over to Email 

A: Yes, you simply point your mail exchange (MX) records to servers where your email is filtered for spam before being passed on to your email servers. Our support team can talk you through this process if required.

Q: Does Email support all mail servers? 

A: Yes. The service is completely platform independent.

Q: How does integrate with Active Directory?

A: Our services synchronise with your Active Directory to acquire groups, users, email addresses, aliases, and distribution lists.

Q: How does Management and Reporting work?

A: offers a single, integrated management console for email, Web and instant messaging, simplifying administration while providing increased visibility into user behavior. services include several reporting options to inform administrators of the service’s effectiveness and actions. Reports are configured and obtained using ClientNet, our Web-based management portal. Dashboard, summary, detailed and scheduled reporting options are included and are configurable to provide visibility, accountability and confidence in the effectiveness of the service.

Q: How does the pricing model work? 

A: All services are based on per user, per month subscription, plus a one-off minimal set-up fee. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected. Each service can be purchased separately or you can bundle multiple services to provide complete security protection. 

All pricing quotes are individually tailored for each client’s specific requirements and offers discounts for both scale and multiple services.


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is this like Symantec brightmail in cloud?

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Nice information shared Mithun.

Any 5 to 30 days trail of this s/w avail for the testing.??

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Nice Shared.

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For Symantec Web Data Sheet - check this BLOG -

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
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