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Filter Containing Computers Compliant to Managed Software Delivery

Created: 22 May 2012 • Updated: 03 Sep 2013
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Recently a customer asked me if it was possible to stop managed software delivery policies from applying to computers which are compliant to the software delivery policy. This to prevent the detection rules from rerunning.

This idea breaks a major advantage of managed software delivery policies; i.e. reinstalling when application gets uninstalled/damaged.

I have decided to create a dynamic filter containing all computers which are compliant for a certain managed software delivery policy.

  1. Import the attached filter
  2. Open and edit it
  3. Modify the line SET @PolicyName = LOWER( N'_DEMO - 7-zip' )
    Replace _DEMO - 7-Zip with the name of a managed software delivery policy
  4. Rename the filter and save it
  5. Edit managed software delivery policy and modify the target to exclude the filter.

There is one caveat. At certain point of time the "is compliant"-status of a computer could get removed from the database due to cleanup task and because it is outdated (older than 6 months).
The managed software delivery policy will then reapply to the computer, and thus creating a new "is compliant"-status record. Which in turn will stop the policy from applying to the computer.

03/09/2013 - Replaced query with one with better performance.