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Filter for WinPE Computers That Serial Number Workaround Has Been Applied

Created: 02 May 2013 • Updated: 02 May 2013
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Earlier, I posted a download that allows WinPE computers to report in to the Symantec Management Platform console as the machine's serial number instead of the default minint name.  That information is available here.

The next step in making things easier to work with was getting the computers to show up in the console as computers that need imaged.  This makes it possible to drop an image job to all the computers at once easily.  Below is an example of this:


The computer shown is the serial number of a machine that is booted into WinPE.  To do this, here are the steps. (Note that this wasn't tested in an environment where the computers are named as the machine's serial number.)

1) Click on the New Computers under Saved Searches.

2a) Enter at least the following in the search field: "% -minint"

2b) For each production machine name, determine common variables that need removed.  For example, say your computers are named in a fashion such as 'abc1234'.  After the search from step 2a, you would add a space and enter "-abc%".  If the lettering were at the end, i.e. '1234abc', it would be "-%abc".

3) Click the double carat drop down next to the search field.

4) Click Add Search Criteria, and choose OS Name.  Enter in "preinstallation environment".

5) Click the disk to save the search, naming it whatever makes sense to you.