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Getting Started with Email

Created: 24 Apr 2013 • Updated: 25 Apr 2013
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Email is part of (formerly MessageLabs).  For an overview of this service see this post:

This post is intended for those wanting to know what steps need to be taken once you sign onto the service

1.       Review “Welcome to” email

Your welcome email contains important information for getting started, like:

·         a link to the admin portal

·         your Login and Password for the admin portal

·         Email routing settings (for Step 6)

2.       Login to your admin portal

The admin portal is where you manage your services. It is located at

3.       Set up user and group synchronization (optional)

You can synchronize your existing Active Directory/LDAP users and groups to by using our free Schemus tool. Schemus is available for download in the admin portal under Tools.

4.       Turn on Address Registration

Use the Address Registration feature (under Email Configuration->Platform in the portal) to make sure that only email sent to valid email addresses is accepted.

5.       Verify your AntiVirus and AntiSpam settings

Located under Configuration->Email Services, you can set or change rules that block/allow spam, notify administrators of viruses, and more.

6.       Start routing your mail through

Now you’re ready to start sending and receiving email through! You’ll need to make two simple changes, detailed in your “Welcome Mail”:

        I.           For inbound mail: Change your MX records (part of your DNS settings) to the records sent in your Welcome Mail

      II.            For outbound mail: Set your email server to route outbound mail through the “smarthost” specified in your Welcome Mail

Congratulations, your setup is complete!

Your email is now flowing through’s data centers! Your email will be transparently checked for viruses and/or spam, and processed with the settings you chose in step 5. Here are some final notes and actions you may wish to take:

        I.           Notify users of spam quarantine: If you’ve chosen to quarantine spam in Step 5, you should notify your users of this change so they can manage spam mail. Email templates for your use are available from your representative.

      II.            Modify firewall settings: Now that your email is being sent and received through, you should modify your firewall to only accept connections from IP address subnets. You should make these changes at least 72 hours after changing your MX records in step 6.

Remember, 24x7 support is inclusive with this service! View the Support tab in the admin portal for more info.