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Installing the Altiris Symantec Mangement Agent and Sub Agents Quickly

Created: 07 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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I use this bat file to install the Symantec Management Agent. Once the agent is installed then it will go and install each other agent (deployment, power, inventory, etc). This speeds up initial rollout of the agent.


1.  If you update your SMP then you may need to replace the install files. I've created this and tested with 7.1 SP2 MP1. We also do not use all of the agents on our network.

2.  This assumes you have the files in c:\Apps\Symantec\. Search your \\isaltiris01\NSCap for the install files.

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I recommend you do not use c:\path paths
try this:
if defined ProgramFiles(x86) echo x64

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Great take on a common question.

Another approach you could use here is:

Create a Filter to target freshly installed computers:
SELECT Guid FROM vComputer
WHERE DATEDIFF(dd,CreatedDate,GetDate())<1
Attach an aggressive Targeted Agent Settings policy to this filter
Add an 'exclude computers in' line against this filter for other SOP Agent Settings policies
Attach a wide open Maintenance Window policy to this filter
Add an 'exclude computers in' line against this filter for other SOP Maintenance Window policies
All newly installed machines will exist in an 'accelerated' mode for the first 24 hours after initial install of the agent and then rollback into the standard policies after that time period is passed.

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Hi, I like the idea of this. Sounds good. Could you give me an idea of an agressive agents settings that I would apply. Also, probably obvious, but what does SOP mean.



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