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iTunes Layer Definition File

Created: 07 Oct 2011 • Updated: 11 Oct 2011 | 1 comment
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The iTunes Layer Definition File (LDF) provides a mechanism for customers of Symantec Workspace Virtualization to create the Virtual Application Layer and package without the need to capture the installation.


- Symantec Workspace Virtualization v6.4 SP7 or greater
- Symantec Workspace Virtualization Layer Definition Tool. Download.


The steps for creating the iTunes Layer are very straight-forward.

1. Extract the download that accompanies this article to your desktop.
2. Double-Click the .EXE file. This will invoke swvldf.exe (Layer Definition Tool) with the proper parameters to create the iTunes Layer.

NOTE: As a safety precaution, right click the extracted .exe file, select properties and check the "Digital Signatures" tab and ensure that "Symantec Corporation" appears in the Signature List. If the .EXE is not digitially signed with the Symantec Certificate do not run the executable on your system.

Supported OS Platforms

Java Runtime Environment 6 Virtualized has been tested and validated to work on the following OS platforms:

Windows XP SP3 X
Windows 7 X

Required Files

The LDF will download the following files:

7 Zip command line utility - this is required to expand the iTunes Installer

Java Runtime Environment Installer

If the swvldf.exe tool is unable to download these files, click the above links and save the files to a directory named "downloads" in the same directory where the *.LDF file resides before running the .bat file.

Change Log

Date Version Description
10/7/2011 Upload of iTunes 10.0 LDF

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Great addition to the LDF library! 

However I've been getting the iTunes 7 error when attempting to launch the virtual iTunes. After installing the latest security update for the MVC++ 2005 SP1 all is well.

Here is the download link while we are waiting for the updated VC++ LDF wink

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