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A Managed Delivery Wrapper for Software Management Agent 7.x

Created: 10 Dec 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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Somewhat the ASDK 7.0 and 7.1 never had a chance to be fully fledge and to incorporate the new Software Management features.

In this download I present a sample project that exposes the Managed Deliveries from the Symantec Management Agent and allows user to launch tasks based on name.

Here is a description of the download individual files:

  • agent-msd-wrapper.dll: A c# assembly (or "miniSDK") that interfaces with the agent component and exposes the tasks properties and methods (only the run method for now)
  • cli-msd-helper.exe: a command line interface that allows the user to enumerate existing tasks and test the mini-SDK features.
  • Interop.AeXClient.dll: A .Net interop file to interface with the COM objects provided inside the Altiris Agent
  • Interop.SMFAgentLib.dll: A .Net interop file to interface with the COM objects provided inside the Software Management Agent

Here are the tool command line options:

Command line usage:
    /getTasks       List all tasks in comma separated format (<id>,<compliance_ status>,<name>) where compliance_status is True || False

    /getTasksId     List all non-compliant tasks by Id

    /getTasksName   List all non-compliant tasks by Name


                    Both commands will run the desired task asynchronously. In
                    effect we launch the task and the client task agent handles
                    the detection, download and execution.

                    If the task is not found we return -1 (command line error).
                    For any other errors we return -2. On success we return 0.

    /compliant      Switch to list compliant tasks only for the commands
                    getTasksId or GetTaskName.

    /silent         Do not print anything out to stdout (the console).

    /?              Print this message.

And here is the code repository:

As a footnote, the provided programs and dll were tested successfully against the Altiris Agent 7.0 and the Symantec Management Agent 7.1.

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Works like a charm, so thumbs up for this one!

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