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MS7 - Monitor Pack for SQL - Basic

Created: 12 Jun 2009 • Updated: 12 Jun 2009
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This is a basic monitor pack for SQL.  It has been tested against SQL 2005.  It monitors some basic stress performance counters that would indicate high utilization of SQL Servers along with the critical services and NT events etc...  Please feel free to modify if needed or add further performance counters to it.

Monitors all Critical NT Events in the Application Log for MSSQLSERVER Source
Monitor Database State for SUSPECT/EMERGENCY/Offline (requires Monitor Windows Configuration to have SQL User configured) (also does not return DB name only server and state which I am working on resolving.
SQL Percent Log used > 80%
SQL Server Buffer Manager Cache Size Ratio > 98
SQL DB Size > 10GB (This can be easily changed)
SQL Server Process and Remediation of Service if not running
SQL Server Service and Remediation of Service if not running (Other services like Reporting and Analytical Service can be easily added)
SQL T_Log > 1GB
SQL Server Batch Request/sec > 1000
SQL Server Compilation Requests/sec > 100