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Altiris Visio Stencil

Created: 07 Oct 2009 • Updated: 17 Sep 2015 | 11 comments
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I've looked for Altiris Visio stencils on the web and never came across any, so I put my own together from various sources. This is my first time creating one so hopefully it turned out OK.

See the screen shot below for an example diagram I did with the stencil. I created this using Visio 2003, so not sure how/if it will work in other versions.

To use, just unzip the stencil and place it wherever you want, then within Visio go to File > Shapes > Open Stencil and browse to where you put it.

Let me know what you guys think of it (good or bad).

Altiris Visio Screenshot.jpg

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I was looking for some stencils to document my deployment.

You Rock!

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tina.smalley's picture

They are awesome --- thanks for sharing. Now I just need to find a Workflow, Endpoint and MessageLabs stencil and I will be set.

Thanks again.

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Great share....

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Amazing.. thanks for your sharing.

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Very Nice

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Thanks for sharing dallasr.

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You're still the man!

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MaRRuT@CC's picture

always nice to see sharing shapes! =) thx

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I see this has been here for long time, but anyway, it´s nice to find it Thnks!!!

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If you have the time to take this to the next level, the network guys at my work wrote a C Sharp script to connect MS Visio to the Symantec_CMDB SQL DB

What they have done is:

1) Added custom data classes to the network resource type to include a rack number, and a bolt number position in the rack

2) Captured all the network gear to the Notification Server/Asset Mgt. Solution using SNMP walks

3) Made and attached a barcode strip to run up the side of the 42 RU Rack. Allowing them to scan a position on the rack and record a bolt number position against the discovered device.

4) Using Altiris barcode solution went around and recorded all the rack numbers and bolt hole positions of all the discovered. They made barcode labels for the Room Number and Rack Number as well.

5) Configured all the network devices to align to MS Visio shapes (mostly custom from Cisco) in the Visio style sheet

6) Customized the standard 42 RU rack shape to include Visio connection points at every bolt hole.

5) using the C Sharp script this connects to the Symantec_CMDB DB and extracts the network assets including the device type (which links to the shape in step 3) this extract also includes Rack Numbers and the bolt hole position.

5) MS Visio then automatically generates a page which includes a the 42RU rack and then maps each network device in the rack as defended by its recorded bolt hole position number as defined on the resource that was captured with Barcode solution in step 4

6) MS Visio then automatically saves this output to HTML and it is uploaded to our corporate repository.

 7) The guys have also worked out a way so that when you click on a device in the HTML output of the rack, all the desired details about the device show up in the right hand side. (such as S/N, Firmware, EOL, etc)

Probably the coolest thing I have ever seen anyone do in MS Visio using Altiris as a data repository.

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thanks for sharing man, is there any update ?

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


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