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Revised Datscount script

Created: 27 Jun 2013 • Updated: 11 Aug 2015
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We encountered a problem at one point where a problem in our configuration caused a number of updates to sit on the manager unable to be posted using the BCP utility to the SQL database. The result of this was the details the console was showing us didn't represent what the reality was, clients loagging behind vastly on their updates when we knew that they were updating properly.

I put together the enclosed script to spot check the status of the of the files on the managers. The script requires a small amount of configuring with notepad before you run it, you need to edit the following lines:

Rem Replace the server(s) with the names of your SEPMs
Set Servers=Server1,Server2,Server3,Server4
Set Interval=30
Set FullDiff=0
Setlocal Enabledelayedexpansion

Rem Replace this with your install directory for the SEPM
Set RootInstalDir=C$\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

So the Servers value needs to have the names of your SEPM servers

Second you need to change the RootInstallDir to match what how you have installed your SEPM.

The result looks something like this

[ 9:21:47.84] System: SEPM1     -     RUNNING
inbox\agentinfo: 0  (0)  .Err: 0
inbox\log\client: 40  (2)  .Err: 0
inbox\log\behavior: 5  (1)  .Err: 0
inbox\log\system: 38  (2)  .Err: 0
inbox\log\security: 0  (0)  .Err: 0
inbox\log\packets: 31  (1)  .Err: 1
inbox\log\traffic: 2  (-1)  .Err: 0
inbox\log\tex\avman: 1  (1)  .Err: 0
inbox\learnedapp\computerapp: 42  (-1)  .Err: 0
**Total .Dat files: 159   (5)   Total .Err files: 1

So you see the total count in the directory, the difference in the last cycle (example inbox\log\traffic reduced by 1), and finally the count of err files. Error files would indicate a problem requiring further attention. Also we can see that the SEMSRV service is running on the SEMP1 server.